Review: The King's Dilemma

The King’s Dilemma – How we burned Ankist

Negotiation games are rarely or never on the table with us. When I discovered The King’s Dilemma by Lorenzo Silva, Hjalmar Hach and Carlo Burelli from Horrible Guild in the preview for the 2019 SPIEL in Essen, I was immediately excited about the idea. Unfortunately Jan was not so easily convinced. He couldn’t imagine that the simple gameplay could be fun for an entire campaign. In the meantime, the campaign has ended with the German edition from Heidelbär Games. We had a lot of fun with this great game and this is mainly because of the story it tells. Our aim now is to explain why we liked The King’s Dilemma so much without spoiling the story for you. Challenge accepted.

Escape Tales: Low Memory - Board Game Review

Escape Tales: Low Memory

Escape Tales: Low Memory is the successor of Escape Tales: The Awakening from the Polish publisher Board & Dice, which we were able to play last year and which we liked very much. So of course we were really looking forward to the new part, especially since it was supposed to be a sci-fi setting this time. In Low Memory we play three individual stories, each of which has its own view of the all-encompassing story and in which we act from the perspective of another character. With this escape game in episode form the authors Jakub Caban and Bartosz Idzikowski have set themselves this time quite a task. If it convinced us, you can read in this review free of spoilers.

Obscurio – A visually stunning board game for traitors

There are several association games with beautifully illustrated cards on the market. Starting with Dixit, Mystery and Shadows Amsterdam, there is a good selection of high quality board games. But Obscurio from the designer team L’Atelier and published by Libellud wants to bring a fresh breeze into the genre and comes up with a traitor mechanism. How we enjoyed the escape from the dark library, you’ll find out in our review.

Oriflamme – intrigue and murder in the fight for the crown

Intrigues at the royal court in the style of Game of Thrones are on the agenda in Oriflamme by Adrien and Axel Hesling from Studio H. The king is dead and has left no heir. Various families in the kingdom are now vying to see who will be allowed to provide the new king. With every round, they seek their own advantage and do not shy away from murder.

Cartographers Review

Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale

The rather manageable genre of flip&fill games has got a new representative: Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale by Jordy Adan is a game set in the Roll Player universe. But you hardly notice anything of it. However, the game is already more demanding than the average Roll&Write game with dice. How we liked the game, you can read in our review.

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Arkham Noir Review

Arkham Noir

I admit it: I don’t have much experience with solo playing, but with Yves Tourigny’s Arkham Noir, the subject matter appealed to me so much that I took the step and still managed to get it on my table. In the small box there is nothing more than a few cards. It’s about Case 1: The Witch Cult Murders, in which we as investigators have to create an overall picture, which is created by playing puzzle cards. That sounds easier than it is.

Adventure Games Kosmos Review

Adventure Games: The Monochrome Inc. & The Dungeon

We have played quite a few games from the EXIT series of KOSMOS by now. I love puzzles and deduction, but in one thing the EXIT games almost always got criticism: The story behind them was usually pretty thin. That should be different now with the Adventure Games by the two authors Matthew Dunstan and Phil Walker-Harding. Same box size as EXIT, similar design, but content related with a completely different focus. The first two adventures Monochrome Inc. and The Dungeon have now been released and we would like to tell you how we experienced them.

Stuffed Fables Board Game Review

Stuffed Fables – A fluffy board game

Dungeoncrawlers are actually a board game genre that is mainly reserved for adults. But already with his game Mice & Mystic, Jerry Hawthorne at Plaid Hat Games proved that this doesn’t have to be the norm. With Stuffed Fables, he now goes one step further and chooses a setting that makes children’s hearts beat faster. Each player takes on the role of a stuffed animal who together want to protect their little girl. Stuffed Fables offers a wonderful story, which is played over seven chapters as a cooperative campaign. The little stuffed protagonists are tougher than they look. With a lot of courage you face the evil Crepitus, who knows only darkness, fear and tears and in his realm of dreams there is no room for love, beauty and joy. His creatures seem to have it in for the little girl. This, of course, must be prevented. We have thrown ourselves into the stuffed adventure and have experienced quite a bit in the process.

Disney Villainous – Villains to power

The Disney board game Villainous by the team of authors Prospero Hall, published by Ravensburger, is dedicated to the forgotten heroes of the well-known Disney classics. The focus here is not on these polished and smoothed so-called good guys. This annoying crap always pushes itself into the foreground and tries to destroy the well elaborated plans of the true favourites of all Disney fans: Villains! What would Robin Hood be without the charismatic thumb-sucking Prince John? Where would the tension in Sleeping Beauty be without the skillfully pronounced curses of maleficent? And who wouldn’t love the queen of hearts’ bold command, “Off with your head!”? You see, the villains are the true heroes and are finally being honored accordingly.