Unlock! Epic Adventures – On Mission in the Far East

It won’t be long before the 10 is done. With Unlock! Epic Adventures, the seventh part of the adventure series comes to the board game table. Once again the Space Cowboys have packed three different adventure scenarios into one box and challenge us. Of course we want to explain to you without any spoilers how the individual parts prove themselves or not. Which of the three parts left us breathless? You can find out in our review about the escape game Unlock! Epic Adventures.

Unlock! Timeless Adventures Review

Unlock! Timeless Adventure – Through time without an elevator

With Unlock! Timeless Adventures the Unlock! series by the Space Cowboys is now in its sixth round. But the game series still remains true to itself. You still need an app and the clock is still ticking against you. Whether the game still convinces us with its sixth box, you can find out in our review of the Escape game Unlock! Timeless Adventures.

Unlock! Heroic Adventure – The fifth adventure box

With Unlock! Heroic Adventures is now the fifth box from the Unlock! series has been released by Asmodee. Again the Space Cowboys send us on three adventures, which couldn’t be more different. Whether they will surprise us, as in the previous Unlock! Exotic Adventures, we want to find out in this review about the escape game. Of course everything is absolutely spoiler-free.

Unlock! Exotic Adventures – About dreaming dinos

It’s the same every time when it comes to a game of the Unlock! Series and Unlock! Exotic Adventures is no exception. On the one hand I don’t want to spoil, on the other hand I almost explode. I actually want to tell you what the Space Cowboys have put together again. But of course that would destroy the basic principle of an escape game. So I try to do without spoilers again in the fourth part of Unlock!

Have fun reading.

Unlock Mystery Adventures – with App but without Scooby Doo

There can only be one solution and that is mine, of course. Even if the stupid app doesn’t accept it and is constantly taking a minute off our time. This must clearly be a mistake in the app, because I never make a mistake! Okay, let’s see what the app thinks, how should we solve this? So I’ll just take a hint. And… Wait a minute, why do I have to use the old corkscrew with the bottle? Well, there’s a message coming through. And when I use this one, it looks completely different. It changes the code! And suddenly the next room is unlocked. You could never have figured that out without a clue, who uses corkscrews nowadays?

You won’t need corkscrews in Unlock! Mystery Adventures but a lot of brain power.