Rune Stones Board Game Review

Rune Stones – Magical deck building

Druids, magic creatures, races and a deckbuilder: All this is offered by Rune Stones, the new board game by RĂ¼diger Dorn. We took a look at the SPIEL’19 novelty from Queen Games. If the board game has enchanted us, you can read in our article.

Merlin – Playing board games for the king

We had already written a first impression of Merlin shortly after we played it on the SPIEL. Now some time has passed and the board game even got an expansion. Time for us to visit the old warhorse Merlin and see if our first impression was confirmed or not. While we’re at it, we’ll also have a look if Merlin needs the expansion Arthur.

Luxor – Board game treasure hunt in the Egyptian temple

Luxor is a classic racing game in which you want to reach the burial chamber at the end of the tile-filled path faster than your fellow players. A few tricks of the game mechanics await you as well. The whole treasure hunt lasts about 45 minutes and is suitable for two to four players aged 8 and up. The beautiful illustrations are from the pen of Dennis Lohausen.