Adventure Games Kosmos Review

Adventure Games: The Monochrome Inc. & The Dungeon

We have played quite a few games from the EXIT series of KOSMOS by now. I love puzzles and deduction, but in one thing the EXIT games almost always got criticism: The story behind them was usually pretty thin. That should be different now with the Adventure Games by the two authors Matthew Dunstan and Phil Walker-Harding. Same box size as EXIT, similar design, but content related with a completely different focus. The first two adventures Monochrome Inc. and The Dungeon have now been released and we would like to tell you how we experienced them.

Gizmos – Small gizmos with high impact

A gizmo is a small, technical device, which has never been seen before and whose meaning is not exactly defined. In Gizmos by Phil-Walker Harding, published by CMON, you try to use many of these funny things to produce energy spheres in chain reactions, which you can invest in new gizmos. How you become the master of the gizmos and if it’s fun you can read in our review.