Adventure Games Kosmos Review

Adventure Games: The Monochrome Inc. & The Dungeon

We have played quite a few games from the EXIT series of KOSMOS by now. I love puzzles and deduction, but in one thing the EXIT games almost always got criticism: The story behind them was usually pretty thin. That should be different now with the Adventure Games by the two authors Matthew Dunstan and Phil Walker-Harding. Same box size as EXIT, similar design, but content related with a completely different focus. The first two adventures Monochrome Inc. and The Dungeon have now been released and we would like to tell you how we experienced them.

Fairy Tile – Once upon a Tell as board game

Fairy Tile will take you to fairyland. In the legend game by the authors Matthew Dunstan and Brett J. Gilbert from IELLO not with but against each other to tell a story. The first of the two to four players to finish his fairy tale book, which consists of different sections of a story in the form of tasks, wins. And they lived happily ever after. Or something like that… Of course there is more to it than just reading the text of cards. But what you will notice first is the great presentation of the game. And if there’s one thing IELLO can do, it’s make games that look pretty. Responsible for the excellent illustrations in this game is Miguel Coimbra, who among other things also breathed life into 7 Wonders and Smallworld.