Escape Tales: Low Memory - Board Game Review

Escape Tales: Low Memory

Escape Tales: Low Memory is the successor of Escape Tales: The Awakening from the Polish publisher Board & Dice, which we were able to play last year and which we liked very much. So of course we were really looking forward to the new part, especially since it was supposed to be a sci-fi setting this time. In Low Memory we play three individual stories, each of which has its own view of the all-encompassing story and in which we act from the perspective of another character. With this escape game in episode form the authors Jakub Caban and Bartosz Idzikowski have set themselves this time quite a task. If it convinced us, you can read in this review free of spoilers.

Escape Tales The Awakening

From various exit and escape games we are used to find ourselves as players in sometimes bizarre situations. This is no different with Escape Tales: The Awakening by Jakub Caban, Matt Dembek and Bartosz Idzikowski. We have puzzled our way through and wrote down a review of the game published by Board & Dice for you. In doing so, we do without spoilers. You won’t read anything about the story that you won’t already know from the box, the rules or the structure. Speaking of the story: Already on the game box you will be informed that this is a Story Driven Escape Game. You can read here how fascinating we personally found the story-driven escape game.