Cascadia Board Game Review

Cascadia – On the road in wild board game landscape

Even when Wingspan won the Kennerspiel des Jahres award, I suspected that this was just the beginning of a new board game trend. And now, just under 3 years later, board games with a nature theme have established a firm place for themselves in the board game bubble. Cascadia from AEG joins the ranks as another board game in which we relax and enjoy nature while competing with others around the table. Randy Flynn’s first board game seems to use quite simple mechanisms and still trigger a certain replay appeal for enough players. You can find out why this is perhaps the case and how we liked the hike through Cascadia in our review of the nature board game.

Board Game: Tiny Towns

Tiny Towns – We build tiny cities for critters

Board games in which cities are built are always well received in the board game scene. Tiny Towns by Peter McPherson takes up this topic and thanks to the publisher AEG, we are allowed to play city planner once again. But somehow there is something different about this board game. Everything is tighter and quite tricky and puzzling. We took a closer look at Tiny Towns. In our review we want to explain to you why setting a single wooden cube at the beginning of the game can already mean the lose for you.

Space Base Board Game Review

Space Base – Machi Koro in space

Space Base by John D. Clair is in our good books before it came on the table. This is mainly because it shares many mechanisms with another dice game we like very much: Machi Koro. In both games, cards are triggered by dice and you buy more cards to get better and better rewards from more dice rolls. We’ve had Space Base on the table many times in different line-ups and now we want to capture our gaming experience in this review.