Marco Polo 2 Review

Marco Polo II In The Service Of The Khan

With Marco Polo II – In the service of the Khan, the new edition of the well-known On the Trails of Marco Polo board game from 2015 has landed on our gaming table. Not only has the name remained almost the same, the authors Daniele Tascini and Simone Luciani have also contributed to the first part. Dennis Lohausen is again responsible for the illustrations. Whether the publisher Hans im Gl├╝ck has succeeded in improving the winner of the Deutscher Spielepreis 2015 or whether Marco Polo II – In the service of the Khan is just old rice in new bowls, we try to clarify this in our review of the board game.

Have fun reading!

Pandemic Legacy – Of heroes who went out to save the world

“The flight from New York to Hong Kong was stressful, but it is our last chance to get the situation under control. Who could have guessed that another outbreak of the disease would occur in Southeast Asia. But we were glad that we had everything under control in this area. Sometimes it seems as if the viruses have a supernatural intelligence and can anticipate our next steps. Or worse, they know about our weaknesses. Now, here in Hong Kong, we need to take more radical action and use vaccines that are still in the experimental stage. We have no choice! If we lose Southeast Asia, we lose the whole fight. The world will fall into the abyss. But we will not fail!” – Found 52 years after the great plague, stored in the archives under the register entry Pandemic Legacy.