Marco Polo 2 Review

Marco Polo II In The Service Of The Khan

With Marco Polo II – In the service of the Khan, the new edition of the well-known On the Trails of Marco Polo board game from 2015 has landed on our gaming table. Not only has the name remained almost the same, the authors Daniele Tascini and Simone Luciani have also contributed to the first part. Dennis Lohausen is again responsible for the illustrations. Whether the publisher Hans im Gl├╝ck has succeeded in improving the winner of the Deutscher Spielepreis 2015 or whether Marco Polo II – In the service of the Khan is just old rice in new bowls, we try to clarify this in our review of the board game.

Have fun reading!

Lorenzo il Magnifico

So there I am sitting now, recalling the last game of Lorenzo il Magnifico. Full of joy we had borrowed the game. Good reviews had been the deciding factor. But the spark didn’t want to be ignited. How can that be? Had we perhaps overlooked a rule that was supposed to reduce the fun of the game. So I dig out the rules booklet again and read across quickly. Nothing found!

Quickly turned on Youtube and searched there for a rule video. 10 minutes later I know that we did nothing wrong. Lorenzo il Magnifico was simply not what we had imagined. Since I’m a gamer first and foremost and blogging is just a hobby, a game has to convince me as a player and not as a critic. What I found annoying about Lorenzo il Magnifico as a player, I would like to take up and process briefly in the following.