Black Angel Board Game Review

Black Angel – Humanity at stake

Who hasn’t dreamed of setting off into space and experiencing exactly this? In Black Angel by Sébastien Dujardin, you now have the chance to do so. The only drawback, however, is that there are no humans on board the Black Angel, only the DNA of humanity. The earth is wrecked and we or our DNA are now trying our luck again on the planet Spes. The AI on board will get us there somehow. If this experiment can succeed, we will clarify in our test of the Black Angel board game from Pearl Games.

Solenia – Airships and flying islands

Solenia by author Sébastien Dujardin and Pearl Games describes a strange world. The planet doesn’t rotate anymore and only by using gigantic airships there is an exchange of goods between the day and the night side. It is up to you to fulfill the different demands. You will be rewarded with victory points and the player with the most victory points wins the game. How the life as a board game airship captain is like, we explain in our review of the board game, which was published by Asmodee.