Forum Trajanum Board Game Review

Forum Trajanum – Yet another Roman board game

A forum in Roman times was the legal, cultural and economic centre of a city. And this is exactly what the board game Forum Trajanum by Stefan Feld is about. As the administrator of a small colony you not only build up your small town, you also send delegates to Rome in return to gain influence there. For expanding the colonia and gaining influence you will receive victory points and whoever has the most at the end of the game will be a true Roman board game lord.

Rajas of the Ganges – Rolling dice for karma

Rajas of the Ganges is a special kind of dice game. Dice are not used here for betting, instead they are used as currency. What else the board game with worker placement elements by Inka and Markus Brand has to offer, we are going to explain it to you in this article about the Rajas of the Ganges.