Vivtorian Masterminds Board Game Review

Victorian Masterminds – A Board Game for Evil Geniuses

With Victorian Masterminds by Eric M. Lang and Antoine Bauza we slip into the role of a villain. In this board game, which was released by CMON, we send our agents to different cities to steal and spread fear and terror. We have attended different courses at the community college to be trained as villains. Armed with the appropriate knowledge, we looked at the Victorian Masterminds and wrote our experiences in this review.

Gizmos – Small gizmos with high impact

A gizmo is a small, technical device, which has never been seen before and whose meaning is not exactly defined. In Gizmos by Phil-Walker Harding, published by CMON, you try to use many of these funny things to produce energy spheres in chain reactions, which you can invest in new gizmos. How you become the master of the gizmos and if it’s fun you can read in our review.