Review: The King's Dilemma

The King’s Dilemma – How we burned Ankist

Negotiation games are rarely or never on the table with us. When I discovered The King’s Dilemma by Lorenzo Silva, Hjalmar Hach and Carlo Burelli from Horrible Guild in the preview for the 2019 SPIEL in Essen, I was immediately excited about the idea. Unfortunately Jan was not so easily convinced. He couldn’t imagine that the simple gameplay could be fun for an entire campaign. In the meantime, the campaign has ended with the German edition from Heidelbär Games. We had a lot of fun with this great game and this is mainly because of the story it tells. Our aim now is to explain why we liked The King’s Dilemma so much without spoiling the story for you. Challenge accepted.

Board Game: Tiny Towns

Tiny Towns – We build tiny cities for critters

Board games in which cities are built are always well received in the board game scene. Tiny Towns by Peter McPherson takes up this topic and thanks to the publisher AEG, we are allowed to play city planner once again. But somehow there is something different about this board game. Everything is tighter and quite tricky and puzzling. We took a closer look at Tiny Towns. In our review we want to explain to you why setting a single wooden cube at the beginning of the game can already mean the lose for you.

Unlock! Epic Adventures – On Mission in the Far East

It won’t be long before the 10 is done. With Unlock! Epic Adventures, the seventh part of the adventure series comes to the board game table. Once again the Space Cowboys have packed three different adventure scenarios into one box and challenge us. Of course we want to explain to you without any spoilers how the individual parts prove themselves or not. Which of the three parts left us breathless? You can find out in our review about the escape game Unlock! Epic Adventures.

Escape Tales: Low Memory - Board Game Review

Escape Tales: Low Memory

Escape Tales: Low Memory is the successor of Escape Tales: The Awakening from the Polish publisher Board & Dice, which we were able to play last year and which we liked very much. So of course we were really looking forward to the new part, especially since it was supposed to be a sci-fi setting this time. In Low Memory we play three individual stories, each of which has its own view of the all-encompassing story and in which we act from the perspective of another character. With this escape game in episode form the authors Jakub Caban and Bartosz Idzikowski have set themselves this time quite a task. If it convinced us, you can read in this review free of spoilers.

Board Game Review - Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North

Imperial Settlers Empires of the North – A hot board game upgrade

Imperial Settlers can be found in my personal top 3 board games. When Portal Games announced last year that Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North would be a new spin-off of the already well-known game principle, I was of course immediately hooked. But could the new spin-off replace my beloved board game? And what exactly are the differences between the two games? Answers to these questions can be found in the following review of Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North.

Have fun reading!

Obscurio – A visually stunning board game for traitors

There are several association games with beautifully illustrated cards on the market. Starting with Dixit, Mystery and Shadows Amsterdam, there is a good selection of high quality board games. But Obscurio from the designer team L’Atelier and published by Libellud wants to bring a fresh breeze into the genre and comes up with a traitor mechanism. How we enjoyed the escape from the dark library, you’ll find out in our review.

Trismegistus Board Game Review

Trismegistus The Ultimate Formula

Trismegistus is the new game by Daniele Tascini and Federico Pierlorenzi. Like Teotihuacan, this board game is published by Board & Dice. I wonder if the game in which we try our hand at being alchemists will have the same level of difficulty as the game about the Aztecs? Will we really manage to produce gold in Trismegistus, so that we have a good source of income for our board game hobby in the future? We would like to explain this to you in our review of this challenging board game.

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Oriflamme – intrigue and murder in the fight for the crown

Intrigues at the royal court in the style of Game of Thrones are on the agenda in Oriflamme by Adrien and Axel Hesling from Studio H. The king is dead and has left no heir. Various families in the kingdom are now vying to see who will be allowed to provide the new king. With every round, they seek their own advantage and do not shy away from murder.

Black Angel Board Game Review

Black Angel – Humanity at stake

Who hasn’t dreamed of setting off into space and experiencing exactly this? In Black Angel by Sébastien Dujardin, you now have the chance to do so. The only drawback, however, is that there are no humans on board the Black Angel, only the DNA of humanity. The earth is wrecked and we or our DNA are now trying our luck again on the planet Spes. The AI on board will get us there somehow. If this experiment can succeed, we will clarify in our test of the Black Angel board game from Pearl Games.

Underwater Cities New Discoveries Review

Underwater Cities New Discoveries – An Expansion for Scuba Diver

Undewater Cities had its debut at SPIEL ’18. The expert board game by Vladimír Suchý, which was published by Delicious Games, quickly advanced from an insider tip to a must-have board game of the last game year. In the middle of the year the announcement was made that there would be an expansion to the board game. We had grabbed the expansion Underwater Cities – New Discoveries in Essen for SPIEL’19 and now had it on the board game table. You can read about how the expansion turned out in our review of Underwater Cities – New Discoveries.

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