Sentient – Play with me robot

Yes, there they are on the table, the revised plans for the latest service robot model. It is supposed to be able to serve a full five percent more customers per hour. But there is a problem with the basic operating system, according to our technicians, this robot cannot simply be integrated into our network. We have the choice of either putting the new model into the system with all our power or we leave it alone and hope for a new model that can be better integrated. These are the decisions you will have to make in Sentient in the distant future.

Lorenzo il Magnifico

So there I am sitting now, recalling the last game of Lorenzo il Magnifico. Full of joy we had borrowed the game. Good reviews had been the deciding factor. But the spark didn’t want to be ignited. How can that be? Had we perhaps overlooked a rule that was supposed to reduce the fun of the game. So I dig out the rules booklet again and read across quickly. Nothing found!

Quickly turned on Youtube and searched there for a rule video. 10 minutes later I know that we did nothing wrong. Lorenzo il Magnifico was simply not what we had imagined. Since I’m a gamer first and foremost and blogging is just a hobby, a game has to convince me as a player and not as a critic. What I found annoying about Lorenzo il Magnifico as a player, I would like to take up and process briefly in the following.

Rajas of the Ganges – Rolling dice for karma

Rajas of the Ganges is a special kind of dice game. Dice are not used here for betting, instead they are used as currency. What else the board game with worker placement elements by Inka and Markus Brand has to offer, we are going to explain it to you in this article about the Rajas of the Ganges.