Merlin – Playing board games for the king

We had already written a first impression of Merlin shortly after we played it on the SPIEL. Now some time has passed and the board game even got an expansion. Time for us to visit the old warhorse Merlin and see if our first impression was confirmed or not. While we’re at it, we’ll also have a look if Merlin needs the expansion Arthur.

Dinosaur Island – A board game with Oh and Ah

It was clear to me from the beginning that I had to have Dinosaur Island. This was not only due to the theme, but also to the graphic design. The brightly coloured style makes the board game stand out from the mainstream. But a board game has to offer more than just a fancy package. Whether Dinosaur Island, published by Pandasaurus Games, can or can’t do that, you can find out here.

Unlock! Exotic Adventures – About dreaming dinos

It’s the same every time when it comes to a game of the Unlock! Series and Unlock! Exotic Adventures is no exception. On the one hand I don’t want to spoil, on the other hand I almost explode. I actually want to tell you what the Space Cowboys have put together again. But of course that would destroy the basic principle of an escape game. So I try to do without spoilers again in the fourth part of Unlock!

Have fun reading.

Escape Tales The Awakening

From various exit and escape games we are used to find ourselves as players in sometimes bizarre situations. This is no different with Escape Tales: The Awakening by Jakub Caban, Matt Dembek and Bartosz Idzikowski. We have puzzled our way through and wrote down a review of the game published by Board & Dice for you. In doing so, we do without spoilers. You won’t read anything about the story that you won’t already know from the box, the rules or the structure. Speaking of the story: Already on the game box you will be informed that this is a Story Driven Escape Game. You can read here how fascinating we personally found the story-driven escape game.

Escape Room – Secret Agent & Dentist

Identity Games and Noris are releasing the third expansion wave to their Escape game system. In Secret Agent – Operation Zekestan we are undercover agents. Our job, if we take it on, is to infiltrate the villa of a self-appointed dictator and get the secret plans. Sure, of course, this has to be done again in just one hour and it’s also clear that we can’t just walk into the villa and take the plans. There are three stages to master before we have done our job. If we get stuck, we can use our help cards again.

These are of course also available in the second case: The Dentist. In 1924 we become victims of a cruel dentist. After being anaesthetised, we wake up and have to escape from the grasp of Dr Siènski. The clock is ticking here too. We have one hour to defeat the doctor. At first glance, his intentions are good. The fight against bad teeth is his life’s work, but his methods are not exactly legal.

That’s pretty clever – tricky dice placing

Dice games are very trendy. So much in trend that every successful board game must be followed by a dice game at some point. That’s Pretty Clever stands out from the dice games, because it is a pure Roll & Write. It’s a game where you throw the dice first and then write down your points on a scoring sheet

Pandemic Legacy – Of heroes who went out to save the world

“The flight from New York to Hong Kong was stressful, but it is our last chance to get the situation under control. Who could have guessed that another outbreak of the disease would occur in Southeast Asia. But we were glad that we had everything under control in this area. Sometimes it seems as if the viruses have a supernatural intelligence and can anticipate our next steps. Or worse, they know about our weaknesses. Now, here in Hong Kong, we need to take more radical action and use vaccines that are still in the experimental stage. We have no choice! If we lose Southeast Asia, we lose the whole fight. The world will fall into the abyss. But we will not fail!” – Found 52 years after the great plague, stored in the archives under the register entry Pandemic Legacy.