Evolution – Viva la (R)Evolution

The bottom line is that Evolution is just a card game. It is quickly explained: You draw cards, play these cards and collect food. At the end of the game the food is worth victory points. Done! The interesting thing about this game is that you use your cards to create your own creatures and to give them evolutionary advantages.

Star Wars Rebellion – an epic board game

With a deep hum the control unit confirmed its service. Bright red light flooded the room. Individual cracks were visible in the carbon. Exhausted Leia, awakened from her deep sleep, fell straight into Han’s arms. Han and Lando put her on the prepared hovering unit. The time window they had gotten from the surprise attack by the Renegade Squadron was almost used up. Now they had to get into the hangar quickly. Here stood the Imperial Shuttle, with which their escape could begin.

So or something like that, one of the Star Wars parts could have run across the screen in the cinema. That he did not do this is common knowledge. But if you want to create your own sequence of films, you can’t avoid Star Wars Rebellion. Because this board game is about exactly that: Finally you can recreate the whole conflict about the galaxy between the Empire and the rebels.