Vivtorian Masterminds Board Game Review

Victorian Masterminds – A Board Game for Evil Geniuses

With Victorian Masterminds by Eric M. Lang and Antoine Bauza we slip into the role of a villain. In this board game, which was released by CMON, we send our agents to different cities to steal and spread fear and terror. We have attended different courses at the community college to be trained as villains. Armed with the appropriate knowledge, we looked at the Victorian Masterminds and wrote our experiences in this review.

Undo Board Game Review

UNDO – Backwards through the time

The game UNDO by Michael Palm and Lukas Zach, published by Pegasus, is a new game system in which you can travel through time to different points to change the lives of the protagonists. We’ve travelled through time three times for you, and have taken a look at UNDO – The Cherry Blossom Festival, UNDO – Curse from the Past and UNDO – Blood in the Gutter. If UNDO got a good start into the ranks of story-based games like Detective or T.I.M.E Stories you can read in our review. Of course, the review is spoiler-free.

Forum Trajanum Board Game Review

Forum Trajanum – Yet another Roman board game

A forum in Roman times was the legal, cultural and economic centre of a city. And this is exactly what the board game Forum Trajanum by Stefan Feld is about. As the administrator of a small colony you not only build up your small town, you also send delegates to Rome in return to gain influence there. For expanding the colonia and gaining influence you will receive victory points and whoever has the most at the end of the game will be a true Roman board game lord.

Detective L.A. Crimes Board Game Review

Detective L.A. Crimes – An expansion directly from the 80s 

One game has impressed us more than a little over the past year. The intense gaming experience that Detective from Portal Games gave us not only ensured that we awarded the game with our Board Game Adward, it was also clear that the expansion Detective – L.A. Crimes had to get on our table. Whether the new cases of Ignacy Trzewiczek and Mateusz Zaród can build on the experience we already had with the basic game, I want to clarify in this article without any spoilers.

The Taverns of Tiefenthal Board Game Review

The Taverns of Tiefenthal – A pub in a board game box

The Taverns of Tiefenthal is, like the Quacks of Quedlingburg, another board game by Wolfgang Warsch, which was published by Schmidt Spiele. This time we slip into the role of a tavern owner and try to get our tavern going. We expand our tavern and attract more and more wealthy customers with free beer in the hope that they will leave their money with us and we will become the most successful tavern owners in the deep valley. You can read how the board game is doing in our review of the game.

Corinth – Rolling dice in ancient Greece

Corinth by Sébastien Pauchon is the first Roll & Write from Days of Wonder. It is published by Asmodee. In the classic manner, you throw dice one after the other and cross off the corresponding fields on a sheet of paper. The one who does this best, or who has the most luck, wins in Corinth. The game itself is not new, it is based on Yspahan. What makes Corinth different from other Roll & Writes is explained in our review of the game.

Unlock! Heroic Adventure – The fifth adventure box

With Unlock! Heroic Adventures is now the fifth box from the Unlock! series has been released by Asmodee. Again the Space Cowboys send us on three adventures, which couldn’t be more different. Whether they will surprise us, as in the previous Unlock! Exotic Adventures, we want to find out in this review about the escape game. Of course everything is absolutely spoiler-free.

Gizmos – Small gizmos with high impact

A gizmo is a small, technical device, which has never been seen before and whose meaning is not exactly defined. In Gizmos by Phil-Walker Harding, published by CMON, you try to use many of these funny things to produce energy spheres in chain reactions, which you can invest in new gizmos. How you become the master of the gizmos and if it’s fun you can read in our review.

Solenia – Airships and flying islands

Solenia by author Sébastien Dujardin and Pearl Games describes a strange world. The planet doesn’t rotate anymore and only by using gigantic airships there is an exchange of goods between the day and the night side. It is up to you to fulfill the different demands. You will be rewarded with victory points and the player with the most victory points wins the game. How the life as a board game airship captain is like, we explain in our review of the board game, which was published by Asmodee.

KeyForge – The unique Unique Card Game

KeyForge was one of the two unique board games that made their debut at SPIEL 18. After we already speculated about KeyForge after the first announcement, enough time has now passed that we can put our speculations aside and talk resp. write about Richard Garfield’s card game in plain language.